Expert Opinions

Preparation of construction-related expert opinions on your individual questions, in particular on:

  • Settlement disputes
  • Subcontracts for materials and construction time, review and evaluation
  • Terminations, evaluation and examination of claims
  • Adequate causal evidence for delays, obstructions and performance changes / additional services. 
  • Determination, review and evaluation of construction time extension claims depending on the claim basis.

Construction Consulting

Pre-construction and construction consulting and practical support in finding solutions, e.g. with regard to:

  • Procurement and tendering strategy 
  • Design of contract performance conditions and descriptions
  • Construction progress planning  
  • Structural breakdown of costs and deadlines 
  • Project documentation 
  • Bid/price review
  • Examination and evaluation of secondary offers and special proposals
  • Preparation, review and evaluation of supplements
  • Accounting
  • Terminations, replacements 

Dispute Resolution

Support in dispute resolution to enable cooperative project management based on partnership and to avoid long-standing disputes:

  • Comprehensible, meaningful and objective documentation
  • Construction status assessment
  • Clarification of facts
  • Determination of disputed and undisputed facts and their consequences 
  • Risk assessment
  • Mediation between contracting parties
  • Arbitrator's report
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation proceedings
  • Conciliation

Workshops / Lectures

Lectures, workshops and trainings for clients and contractors on the following topics, among others:

  • Calculation of construction prices 
  • Construction contract accounting, construction cost controlling
  • Price update, actual required costs,
  • Construction organization and construction scheduling 
  • Overhead cost equalization
  • Recognizing, documenting and properly verifying supplements
  • Subsequent inspection, subsequent management, subsequent agreement
  • Dealing with and proving disturbed construction processes
  • Adequate causal proof of disruptions in the construction process
  • Invoicing of construction work according to VOB/C
  • Claim documentation
  • Claims for compensation according to § 650 b/c BGB and § 2 VOB/B
  • Claims for compensation according to § 642 BGB
  • Claims for damages according to § 6 VOB/B and/or § 648 BGB

Construction Monitoring

Professional risk, contract, cost, process, defect and supplement management:

  • Strategic consulting Project set-up, contract design and organization 
  • Subcontract management
  • Schedule/procedure and cost documentation and controlling
  • Performance status assessments
  • Management of additional costs and obstructions
  • Performance and invoice auditing and evaluation
  • Defect and warranty management

Delay / construction time analysis

Assessment and evaluation of:

  • Construction processes, 
  • disruptions in the construction process,
  • calculations,
  • supplements and their effects, 
  • in each case taking into account current case law and science.